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Major Major Announcement

Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for your support for what has hopefully been a successful year for all of you.

We are starting 2012 off with an absolute bang. Many of you were with us when we were Ticket Horde. Even more of you since we had a rudimentary site at PresaleToday and even more since we moved to our current version of the site.

Well, we are starting off better than ever in 2012. Though our current site was our best effort yet, it had some problems. There were problems that we knew needed to be fixed but there were some parts of our code base that prevented us from being able to do that. It became obvious a few months ago that if we wanted to be able to respond more quickly to your needs that we had to rewrite the front end of the site from scratch. And that's what we've done.

But that's not all. We've also decided to separate our backend from our front end. Running the two off of different servers means we will be better able to do our jobs while you do your jobs without server crashes or other performance issues.

So what does this all mean? Well, in short, it means we have a new home. We've rebuilt our site on Stublr.com. Stublr features the same expansive sale list we have on PresaleToday right now and has all of the same features you are used to using. But it does them better. It also has some new features that we tried so hard to implement on PT, but could not because of the limitations of our code base. Here are some highlights:

  • Autorefreshing chat box
  • Newly listed sales posted in bold
  • Super simple private chat channels
  • Hide events from the list that you don't care about
  • Autoload favorites into your BuyList by event name or venue name
  • Live updates of industry news and tour announcements
  • Default list settings so you don't have to keep changing filters
  • A much cleaner and easier to read sales list
  • Activity feed so you can track what is happening around the site
  • Better privacy settings
  • An overall cleaner layout and better design for a more pleasant experience every day.

And there is a lot more. Not to mention the planned features that are coming up in the near weeks. But enough about all of that. Time to get on over to Stublr and try it out.

First things first...the site is ready for real users, but this is a beta release. There are some minor design issues we are working out, but nothing that will really affect your ability to have an enjoyable experience. Please just pardon the mess. If you DO have any issues, you can always just log back into PT. We will keep your accounts active until we are out of beta.

Migrating to Stublr

In order to get your current subscription migrated properly, please go to this special URL: http://stublr.com/presaletoday-users (or just click here). Complete the sign up and read carefully and you should have no problem getting your new account set up.

If you DID skip ahead and go try to sign up through the normal process, just email admin@stublr.com with the user name you used to sign up, along with your PT user name and PayPal email so we can get you set up. You will get set up much more quickly though, if you use the special link above.

We look to forward to seeing you at Stublr and wish the very best for the New Year.