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Major Update to PresaleToday Sale List This Weekend

This weekend about 5 months of work will culminate with our biggest new release since we launched PresaleToday. The release has many things you will not see directly but makes profound changes to how we manage sale data on the site. The release is largely in response to requests to publiish sales sooner and get more passwords.

There are a couple of changes you will see and they are detailed along with the invisible ones below.

The benefits of the release include:

-More sales posted (and of course fewer missed sales).

-Earlier posting of sales.

-Easier data management on our back end so our staff has more time to research passwords and, if we do miss one, find out why so we don't miss passwords from the same source the next time.

-Direct links to purchase pages from the event list.

-Elmination of almost all duplicate sale listings.

-More specific presale types (e.g. we will now list 'Radio Presale' and 'Venue Presale' instead of just 'Free')

Some changes you need to be aware of:

-We will need to wipe out all future sales one time immediately upon release. This means:

   -The list may appeaer a bit empty Friday night, but will be full by Saturday morning.

   -Any future events on your BuyList will be deleted, so please be aware you will need to re-add them tomorrow. DropList events may also be affected.

-More events you care about also means more events you don't care about. This is an unavoidable by-product of the new system, so we have added extra filters that we think will help alleviate the problem. You will now not be able to hide events based on country and category, so if you don't care about theater and family events from Canada and the UK, you can filter them out. These filters will appear at the top of the list with all of the others.

-Because we are now using direct links, we have to list every sale and every event. That means if there is a long run of theater events or a whole baseball season going on sale, you may need to skip through these. We think the filters will help with this and we have some ideas for a second stage release that will further alleviate this for those that want a more compact version of the site. It's there for now though.

-To help with the two above issue, we have  also increased the maximum number of sales per page to 50 so you can choose to see more sales on one page and click through fewer pages. Higher sales per page might take an extra second or so for the page to load, so please optimize to your preference.

-In the past we have used TBA to indicate sales that do not have passwords yet. In the new system, there will still be some TBA sales, but because we are using more spceccific sale types like 'Radio Presale' instead of the standard TBA and Free, we will also use gray sale links to indicate that a password is not yet available. So if you are waiting for a certain password, you can still just refresh the page to see if it is updated (the link will turn red when it is available) instead of clicking through on the links.

-One of the difficult parts on our end with the new system is going to be management of new sale types and their corresponding passwords and notes. If some of these are off in the beginning, please forgive. It may take a week or so for us to get caught up. If you see recurring issues with data displayed, please let us know so we can get it corrected.

The new changes do have some inconveniences as stated above, but we hope the new tools will help alleviate them. In any case, there will be an immediate impact on the number of sales we can list for you and over time, will help us get better at password acquisition. If you have feedback, we are happy to hear it. Please post here to ensure that I see your comments as they sometimes get lost in the chat.

This will most likely be released by Friday evening. If not, we will wait until Saturday afternoon.