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New EIM Integration Allows PT Users to List Tickets On Major Broker Exchanges

We are launching a new integration today that can help PresaleToday users sell more tickets for more money. 

We've added an EIM button to the Sales List and BuyList that allows you to instantly submit tickets to Epic Inventory Management, a secondary market listing service that will put your tickets in front of nearly every broker in the country and a lot more buyers than you could ever expect from just Stubhub alone. Your tickets will receive exposure on Ticket Network, Event Inventory (TicketsNow), Ticket Technology, Vivid Seats, SeatQuest, Viagogo and others. 

This is a unique opportunity to list your tickets on the major broker exchanges with some of the highest ranking web sites on Google, without paying prohibitive POS and exchange fees. If you are currently making money on Stubhub, consider this: Only 15% of Epic's sales actually go through Stubhub. That means most of their sales happen in markets many brokers have not even tapped. Anecdotally, I can tell you that when I was selling tickets, joining an exchange was the most profitable decision I ever made and I hope that joining all of them will do the same for you.   

One of the highlights of this program is that once your tickets are listed, you don't have to deal with them. EIM deals with the customers and their expert team will price (and reprice) tickets for you around the clock to maximize your profit on these lucrative exchanges. (They also give you the option to send the price changes in yourself so you can maintain complete control if you wish). 

Here are some of the advantages of this program: 

  • Alternative markets when Stubhub markets tank
  • No more double sales
  • No more sitting at the computer trying to sell tickets for a game that starts in two hours.
  • No more dealing with customers
  • No more countless hours repricing tickets
  • No more disasters when a market changing event happens while you are away from your computer.
  • More time to do what you do best: research and buy great seats
  • More time to have a life: golf, start a new business, spend time with family

EIM's current clients range from the small independent brokers whose day jobs have prevented them from joining an exchange to large regional brokers who used to be on exchanges but have decided they are really good at getting tickets and want to focus their time on that. So, we are sure this is something all of our users should at least have a conversation about. 

To get started, just click the EIM button in the sales list. Once you talk to an EIM representative and get set up, you can just click the EIM button for any event in our list. We will auto fill the event information for you. You just add your ticket info, set a starting price and give them pricing instructions (such as 'list $5 below market', 'keep at $150 each', 'adjust prices but don't go below $120' etc.). Once you submit your tickets, you will get a confirmation email and can adjust prices or remove your tickets from their listings any time by simply replying to that confirmation email.

EIM makes it very easy for you try their service. You can start and stop any time. You can list all or some of your tickets. You can control the prices if you wish or you can just let them do all of the work.

This a rare opportunity where one conversation can have a serious impact on your bottom line and your lifestyle. I encourage you to have that conversation and try the service - even if you just send some tickets at first. Click the EIM button now to get started.