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No Competition Guarantee

As more and more users have begun to use private forums and DropList, we have had a few users contact us to ask some pretty important questions about the privacy of their trade secrets. Many of the questions can be summed up with this one: "Does PresaleToday collect information that could be used against me competitively?"

We think this a great question to ask as we know some of our competitors are part-time presale site owners and part-time ticket brokers and the potential for a conflict should be explained. However, in our case we absolutely do not compete with you for tickets nor for ticket sales. To do a better job of making this clear for you, today, we are announcing an industry-first "No Competition Guarantee" declaration.

In nearly all cases, companies and individuals that run web sites of any kind with user-generated content such as forums and chat indeed have access, usually through the database, to that content. The No Competition Guarantee is our promise to you that we are not accessing that data to compete with the ticket sellers who use our services.

Executives, employess and contractors of PresaleToday are expressly prohibited from engaging in the business of ticket resale. Here are the guidelines that govern the No Competition Guarantee:

1. Agents of PresaleToday may not conduct a ticket resale business or provide information, data or tips to others that do outside of the realm of PresaleToday.

2. Agents of PresaleToday may not access private user-generated content on the site unless it is for the purpose of any of the following: responding to a user's request for technical assistance; monitoring accounts suspected of violations of the Terms of Service; testing site operation and performation; a specific reason provided for in the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy of PresaleToday.

3. Agents of PresaleToday are limited in resale activity as regular fans. We may use ticket resale venues like Stubhub, eBay or others to resell tickets for up to 12 season ticket accounts and 20 other sets of tickets in any calendar year. These numbers are lower than the sales numbers for some regular fans.

4. If any agent exceeds their ticket sales limits, they are required to report to our CEO, an itemized list of tickets sold with information on the cost and the price received. Upon receipt of this report, the CEO will conduct an investigation to see if the agent is acting competitively with members of PresaleToday and will such agents association will be terminated if such a determination is made.

The No Competition Guarantee is a big step in the direction of allowing you to maximize the benefit and control the flow of your communications regarding ticket purchases and sales. We encourage you to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to understand more about how your non-trade related data is handled. If you have comments or concerns, please contact us. It is very important to us that your privacy concerns are heard and handled swiftly.