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Great Ways to Fill Your Private Forum Roster

With the huge influx of users who signed up at and since Ticket Summit, there is no better time to find some great contributors to join yoru private forum. If you find someone in the general public chat or forum that you think woud make a good partner, invite them to your forum and start maximizing the value of your network.

One of the best ways to find or be found for private forums is by tagging your profile and selecting a metro area. You can do both of these by mousing over your username and selecting 'edit profile'. Use keywords like your local city, the types of tickets you specialize in, your favorite teams to buy for, the POS you use...anything to help others find you.

If you are recruiting for your private forum, go to our user page and use the search box to find who you are looking for. You can also make a post in the general forum to let other users know you are recruiting members for your private forum.

Here are some great ways you can choose members.

  • Geography - Be the first to set up a forum for your local metro area and become a local kingpin.
  • Company - Add all of your employees or co-workers to the site and
  • 'Walkers' - If you walk tickets for other brokers set up a forum to discuss strategies with others who work the streets.
  • Experience Level - Set up a forum designed to help rookies OR designed to focus on advanced issues only.
  • Size - Small brokers don't care PCI compliance and large brokers might not need to discuss basic strategies...focus your forum on brokers of a certain size and learn from each other.
  • Specialties - Do you sell a lot of college football tickets? Only concerts? NASCAR? Create a forum based on event type and discuss what you can't discuss in public.
  • POS Network - On TicketNetwork and want to disucss strategies for higher fulfillment? Want to advance your skills on TicketTechnology? Try a private forum.
  • Level of Competition - Find brokers who do not compete directly with you and bring them into your Inner Circle to help your group expand your markets.

The possibilites are endless...all you have to do to get started is add a name and description, then send out automated invites. The form to do so is here. It is super simple, but if you have trouble, please let us know.