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PT Chat Goes Remote

Sometimes you want to get advice or participate in PT Chat without being on the PresaleToday site. We think you should be able to do that. So we have partnered with Insomniac Browser to give you a way to run an IM client right through your ticketing browser.

Details on the update are on Insomniac Browser's web site. Once the update is installed, you will see a chat icon in the upper right of the Browser. Click it and you will be prompted to log in with your PresaleToday user credentials. This log in form uses the same encryption as we use on the main PresaleToday site, so your password will be safe.

Once you are logged in, you will see a chat client that has all of your private PresaleToday forums and groups, allowing you to chat with them as you search for tickets or browse the web. We feel this is a feature that opens up a lot of possibilities for you: from sharing info on your pulls with your friends to easily dropping ticket links from the web into chat conversations and surely dozens of more uses that you guys will come up with.

We are happy to have completed this integration with the help of the Insomniac Browser development team and we hope you like it. Here is a short screencast demonstrating how to get the chat client fired up and some cool drag and drop features you can use with it.