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Broker Extreme: Designed for the Seller Community

Broker Extreme will be released this week and with it, you will see some minor design changes. The emphasis here is on 'minor'. We know you have habits of where you click on the site and our primary design goal was to minimize 'change' while making some improvements.

The first major change you will see is that we have eliminated a lot of content that was designed for mass public distribution - venue pages, artist pages and artist features from the home page. (Don't worry, the new search box on the list filters will help you filter by artist, venue, city or whatever you want to filter on).

In addition to some general tidying up of the site, you will also notice the list has been expanded to include the addition of event day and date and to make it generally more readable. But the filters (although there are more now) are still in the same place and so are the main navigation buttons.

We have cleaned up the profile page a little bit as well as the dashboard page, making it easier for you to see network content and what your friends are up to. This is very important given the last set of features we will be releasing this week: Private Forums. Our last introductory blog post on Broker Extreme features will be posted tomorrow and details how the Private Forums will work. .