• When will the password for xyz be announced?
    If your event has a TBA password it means the password has not been announced by the promoter or band yet. We do not "hold" passwords or delay the posting of them so if it is not on the site, it means we have not received it yet. If you don't see your event at all and you know there is a presale coming up, pelase email us.
  • It says the password is unique - so what is it?
    Well, with unique passwords, the promoter, team or fan club that is sponsoring the presale wants to limit who can access it. For example, a fan club might say they only want paid members to have access, so they will give each paid member a unique code that looks something like this: DR32X59LDEI and allow that code to purchase a certain number of tickets. You can always ask others if they will give you one, but since they paid for theirs, they usually tend to use them. Teams will often give season ticket holders unique passwords too.
  • So if a password is unique, I can't get presale tickets?
    Often, there will be a free presale that uses a generic presale password a couple of hours or a couple of days after the unique password presale. The best way to track these is to become a fan of your favorite artists and teams. That way, we can email you when new sales and passwords are announced.
  • How much do I have to pay for the passwords?
    We don't charge you anything and most presales are completely free. Sometimes, fan clubs will charge a membership fee that you have to pay before you can access their presales. This is paid directly to them or paid to them through Ticetmaster or antoher ticketing agency. We do not have anything to do with fan club memberships so you any questions you have about your transactions with them should be directed to the fan club support team. Additionally, if you sign up for a unique password with a fan club and it does not come in your email, we cannot help you. Only the fan clubs and Ticketmaster and other ticketing agencies can generate them. This goes for iTunes and any other paid presale as well. Our role is only to try to notify you of the presales before they happen.
  • The fan club said it is too late to join. Now what?
    Sometimes fan clubs try to reward their long time members by letting them access fan club tickets and preventing new members who are only joining because they heard about the new tour and wanted to get tickets. It's just the way it is. The best thing to do is join your favorite performers fan clubs before a tour is announced and hope they do one.
  • Ok, well what is a fan club bundle presale?
    A fan club bundle presale means you can buy your tickets and pay for the fan club in the same transaction. The disadvantage with these is that the fan club bundle presale usually happens after the regular fan club presale. The advantage is that you get to see the seat locations they are offering you before you pay for the fan club membership, so if you don't like the tickets, you don't have to pay for the membership.
  • The password doesn't work
    This happens sometimes and there are several causes. Among them are:
    1. You might be spelling it wrong. Double check.
    2. We might have spelled it wrong.
    3. It might be case sensitive. Usually all lower case works, but sometimes you need to use all caps or some caps.
    4. We could have gotten bad information
    5. The ticket site may have screwed up. It is not uncommon for the ticketing site, for one reason or another, to not accept a password for 5 or 10 minutes, and then all of the sudden it works. So keep trying and ask other members if they are having the same trouble.

We can't always respond to your emails right away so if you are having trouble and need immediate assistance, your best bet is to ask other members. We are usually able to get respond to emails within 48 hours, so if you are still having trouble, you can contact us through our contact form.