About Us

PresaleToday helps you access tickets for your favorite live events before they go on sale so you can have a shot at the best seats at face value.

Presales have become a favorite method of buying tickets for sports, concerts, theater, comedy shows and practically any live event you can think of. Our goal is to make sure you know when they are happening and have all the information you need to access them.

We are unique in our field because we are the only company to provide a full list of events every day for free. Ticket onsale information is free and so are generic passwords, so we will never charge you for them. You will never see us selling these passwords through our site or auction web sites. Times are tough we would like to help you get into the live entertainment events of your choice with adding anything to your cost.

Make PresaleToday! your first stop whenever you need to access to seats for a hot event in your town. We are here to help. Register today and start learning all the ways we can help you get the tickets you want.